Daphne Tomasino
Daphne Tomasino




August 27, 1995

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Black with Blonde steaks and highlights

First Appearance:

Season 1: Episode 2: Mysterious Books



Best Friend:

Rina and Ciara


Harry Taylor (Father)

Henry Tomasino (Step-Father)

Monique Tomasino (Mother)

Michael Tomasino (Older Half-Brother)

Toby Tomasino (Older Half-Brother)


No information

Last Appearance:

Daphne Tomasino nicknamed Miss Bliss becuase she has a rosy outlook on life. Daphne is best friends with Rina and Ciara. Daphne loves to hang out with Rina and Ciara all the time when Rina and Ciara are free to hang out.

Daphne's BiographyEdit

Daphne 3

Daphne Tomasino

Daphne is a caring and loving kind of girl, She always there for her friends and family when they need her. She's always there when you need her, if your got a problem she won't give up until the problem is fixed. She is stubborn so if she doesn't want to do something she won't change her mind and will keep saying no, If something you want her to do is trouble she will report to someone she knows and trusts. Daphne has always got her friends and families backs through thick and thin no matter what. Daphne love nature and life because of the great things we have today. Daphne is very sweet and kind.


Daphne 2

Daphne Tomasino

Daphne has Violet eyes, a pale skin tone, brown hair with blonde streaks and highlights.

Daphne's TriviaEdit

  • Nickname: Miss Bliss
  • Zodiac: Cancer (July 22)
  • Lucky Number: 54
  • Favourite Colour: Pink
  • Favourite Movies: Powerpuff Girls Movie
  • Favourite Books: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Favourite Food: Chicken Soup
  • Favourite Smoothie: Raspberry
    Daphne 4

    Daphne Tomasino

  • Favourite Music: Punk Rock
  • Favourite Class: Math
  • Fashion Passion: Street clothes with funky belts are always Daphne's favourite fashion style
  • Shoppin' Style: Thrift stores