Bella Stone
Bella Stone
Bella Stone




August 24, 1995

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Brown with light brown steaks and highlights

First Appearance:

Season 1: Episode 2: Mysterious Books



Best Friend:



Martin Stone (Father)

Tersea Stone (Mother)

Kelly Stone (Older Sister)

Mikayla Stone (Younger Sister)

Katie Stone (Younger Sister)


Dylan Bocan

Last Appearnace:

No information

Bella Stone nicknamed Glam Glitz because of her sparkling sense of style and is always glamerous. Bella is best friends with Sophia and loves to hang out with Sophia, they always wear the same to impress and show off their sense of great style.

Bella's BiographyEdit


Bella Stone

Bella is a stubborn, selfish, bratty, snobby, a crybaby and always wants things her way sort of girl, if things don't go the way she wants, she finds a way to make it her way. Bella has always wanted and detemined to meet Princess Lita and in the episodes she tries to get her attention but they fail badly.


Bella has a beauty mark under her right eye she also has tan skin tone, green eyes and brown hair with light brown steaks and highlights.


Bella is dating Dylan Bocan. Dylan is supporting Bella all the way when she needs help or is in something she's doing that requires an audience and Bella supports Dylan when he needs help or is in something he's doing that requires an audience. They are both supportive of each other and hope their relationship goes well.

Bella's TriviaEdit

  • Nickname: Glam Glitz
  • Zodiac: Virgo (August 24)
  • Lucky Number: 5
  • Favourite Colour: Pink
  • Favourite Movies: Mean Girls 1 and 2
  • Favourite Books: The Unstoppable Ramona And Beezus and The Trouble With Ramona And Beezus
  • Favourite Food: Strawberries
  • Favourite Smoothie: Strawberry
  • Favourite Music: Pop
  • Favourite Class: Photography and Art
  • Fashion Passion: Pink glam outfits with lots and lots of sparkle
  • Shoppin' Style: When she sees something she likes, she gets it